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En Juin 2017, la Commission européenne a proposé un réglement pour établir un programme européen de développement industriel dans le domaine de la défense (EDIDP, en anglais) sur la période Janvier 2019-Décembre 2020. En qualité de rapporteur pour le groupe ALDE dans la commission ITRE sur ce dossier, the Parliament Magazine m’a sollicité pour expliquer brièvement mes vues et ambitions sur un tel projet qui initie un embryon de coopération européenne dans le domaine de la défense. A ce titre, l’objectif pour moi est clair : aller vers davantage de synergies entre les pays européens, dynamiser tout à la fois l’innovation et la croissance, renforcer nos politiques de défense, avancer vers plus d’Europe !

Parliament Magazine

I fully support the initiative to establish a European fund to invest in common industrial research and development projects in the area of defence between the Member States of the Union.

It saddens me that today Europe is a dwarf compared to the other global leaders which heavily invest in their defence research, and that each Member State remains unable alone to respond to the new world challenges and threats, whereas the European Union would be the world’s second biggest power if we gathered all the national defence budgets!

This program is therefore a much needed first step that prefigures an enhanced collaboration in the field of defence. The economic benefits could reach 100 billion of savings in the EU due to the efficiency of such synergies between Member States.

Beyond the long-term objective of providing the Union with a more robust and autonomous defence policy, the positive spin-offs for the civilian sector could be potentially significant, as proven by the effectiveness of the military-industrial complexes (in USA, China, Russia for instance). This mechanism is at the origin of the numerous technological transfers towards the civilian sector, ensuring a real competitive advantage to their State. Wishful thinking today, and yet an objective to aim to, if one desires a secure and prosperous future for Europe!

The Parliament Magazine, issue 466, 4 december 2017 – Defence industry needs ‘more Europe’ – p.30-31

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